RJ Stastny - Author -
These unique environments serve as both background and catalyst for the often challenging yet fulfilling situations in which the characters of both novels find themselves.
The Guestbook at Asilomar is set in a remote locale on Spain's iconic Mediterranean coast.
   Playa Monsul, El Cabo de Gata                     San Jose, inspiration for the
                                                                                    fictional, "San Felipe" 
    El Alcazaba, Almeria                                               El Cabo de Gata
      the "guestbook"                                              author's writing retreat,
                                                                                               Valencia, Spain
The adventures in Falling Forward traverse the distinct landscapes of the Mojave Desert, Ecuador & Colombia S.A., and Hawaii.
RJ STASTNY: UN Office, Quito 1980                   Mojave Desert - Las Vegas, NV
       Quito, Ecuador  S.A.
    Molokai, Hawaii
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